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The aura of mount fuji

Weight (Complete)
Burn Time
35-40 hours
7oz Soy Wax
Aroma Oil
Natural & Organic
Organic Cotton
A beautiful purple flower which blooms on or around Mount Fuji in the spring. Wisteria is greatly favored by followers of Buddhism, because of the belief that Amida Buddha would descend on a purple cloud to guide them to the Western Paradise. The Wisteria branches and blossoms bend downwards as if lowering their heads in gentle supplication, a symbol for prayer. The Aura of Mount Fuji scented candle with its gentle notes of wisteria, sycamore, lilac and sandalwood, promotes spirituality, making it a great fragrance for meditation or for creating those quiet moments of peace.
Product details
Wisteria scented organic wax candle.
Top notes - Wisteria and Green Tea
Middle notes - Sycamore and Lilac
Base notes - Wood and Ambergris
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